It’s Time for
Smarter Regulation

America depends on small businesses and the 56 million Americans who work for them. But government regulations are making it harder for small businesses to grow. Rules that should help our businesses and communities thrive are instead making life harder for job creators, workers and their families. Don’t small business owners and their employees deserve better? It’s time to examine the impacts that outdated, failed and excessive regulations have on our country and our economy. It’s time to Rethink Red Tape and refocus our regulatory process on smarter regulation that reduces costs for all Americans and helps small businesses grow and our communities thrive.

It started with a pink slip

Lynn Berberich, owner of a BrightStar Care franchise in Baltimore, describes how regulation can impact even the most personal family decisions.

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This decision could change everything

For one North Dakota boutique owner and franchisor, Joint-employer is reason enough to rethink Washington’s regulatory process.

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I know what it’s like to risk everything for an idea

Complexity in regulatory compliance is a huge hurdle to small business success.

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